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Principal's Corner

           This is always a great time of the year to take a few moments to step back and reflect on how we are doing as a school. Our Mission Statement reads, “St. Mark Catholic School nurtures faith, inspires academic excellence, and instills hope for the future.” One of our Belief Statements reads, “St. Mark School models and promotes service and leadership.” Upon reflection, I thought about the service project the school was involved in for our safety forces and service groups during Catholic Schools’ Week. (I wrote about that last week.) Our Student Council continued this service theme this week with Jack D. and Jillian L. demonstrating some strong leadership by setting up a meeting with the activity director of the O'Neill Healthcare Center. They were asking for approval to do an activity with the residents there for Valentine’s Day. Once approved, Jillian and Jack decided to involve the 3rd and 7th graders. The classes drew on bags and made cards. The bags were then packed by members of Student Council and included the cards, candy, shampoo and conditioner.  Jillian L. and Emma F. then delivered the bags.  The residents were so thrilled and even some were from West Park and knew of the school/church. This is certainly a great model of both service and leadership. Congratulations to both Jillian and Jack, as well as Emma, and the entire Student Council on Making a Difference in the lives of others.
     Our Mother or important Person/ Son Dance was held last week as well. It is always great to see so many “couples” sharing an evening together like this. "Moms make an indelible imprint on the lives of their sons," says author Cheri Fuller. "How they nurture, cuddle, respond, kiss, reassure, encourage, teach and love their boys determines a son’s capacity for a healthy beginning in life — both emotionally and cognitively." Every interaction a mother has with her son has the potential to shape his perspective and impact his future relationships. So the event began to take shape right after school. The decorations were beautiful at the Love You Forever Ball thanks to Mrs. Blum, Mr. and Mrs. Demko, Mrs. Bocan, Mrs. Greeney, Mr. and Mrs. Sowel, and several teachers. Eighth Grader Michael K. provided the music again this year, and he certainly had the ballroom rockin’! Mr. and Mrs. Natt photographed each couple in an effort to capture the memory forever. Mrs. McGinty, Fr. John, and Mrs. Kelly chaperoned throughout the evening. A special thank you to these three, as well as to Mrs. Schmidt, who came in afterwards to assist with the clean-up. Before I knew it, the “ballroom” was transformed back into a gym, and as I turned out the lights, I found myself already thinking about how to make next year’s Love You Forever Ball even more memorable.

Mrs. Cocita