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Principal's Corner


We are all called to live lives in kindness and to bring kindness to others through acts of service. Throughout this school year, I have seen the smallest of actions having a rippling effect on our entire school community. Most recently, our students participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Apostles Build program. Working together by grade levels, classrooms created “Welcome Baskets” filled with household products that will be given to new homeowners as they make a new start. Although this was an optional service project, our school children brought in 637 items, filling eleven baskets to overflow capacity! Laura Fibbi kindly delivered these baskets and told me that the Habitat organization was completely overwhelmed at the generosity of our children. This is just one of many examples of service that was done as a school community. We have allowed our light to shine toward others, allowing hope and peace to emerge from the darkness some people find themselves in.

As we begin our summer vacation, here are a few suggestions on ways to bring light to others, which I read about several months ago in the Congregation of St. Joseph newsletter:

  • Give someone a compliment
  • Check in with friends who have lost a loved one
  • Help others find the positive in themselves and their lives
  • Listen to others without interrupting
  • When you see something good happening, share it with others
  • When you get great service, tell the manager
  • Encourage someone to pursue his/her dream
  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt
  • Make someone laugh
  • Share a great book you’ve read
  • Let a car merge in front of you
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Allow someone to help you
  • Make an effort to not complain for a day
  • Help a coworker when they are stressed
  • Ask someone how their day is
  • Each time you go to the store, buy one additional canned good to donate
  • Visit with an elderly neighbor
  • Stand up for others in need
  • Buy a stranger’s coffee for them
  • Call your parents or grandparents

It is time to close for the summer and get some much-needed time off, although I am happy knowing that it will be short-lived. Consider joining other parishioners in our Corpus Christie procession on Sunday, June 18th following the 9:00 Mass. Anyone can walk in the procession around the block, and it is great to do so in community. Come and spend some time at our Parish Festival, being held here on June 25th from 12:00-6:00. It promises to be lots of fun! There will be many exciting games and foods to try.
Finally, take some time to read a good book or two, and I will see you on August 23rd, as we open our doors for yet another school year.