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•School Registration Information 2017-2018
•School Registration Form 2017-2018
•Diocesan Registration Form
•Release of Records
•Health Form
•Information Regarding Legal Custody 2017-2018
•Special Services Form
•Tuition Policy & Processing Form K-8th Grade 2017-2018

SMART AID Application Information 2017-2018

•EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program Fact Sheet 2017-2018
EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program Poverty Guidelines
•EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program Request Application (New Students) 2017-2018
•EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program Renewal Application 2017-2018

•Cleveland Scholarship Program Fact Sheet 2017-2018
•Cleveland Scholarship Program Poverty Guidelines
•Cleveland Scholarship Program Request Form (New Students) 2017-2018
•Cleveland Scholarship Program Renewal Application 2017-2018
•Cleveland Scholarship Program Income Verification Form 2017-2018

St. Mark Tuition
We believe that parents are the primary role models and teachers of the Catholic faith for their children. A Catholic education in our school is an extension of that faith formation and a valuable way to nurture Catholic values.

Tuition costs involve a level of sacrifice for many of our families and, as we strive to continue our academic excellence, we remain committed to keeping tuition costs as affordable as possible for our families.

Tuition information is available by calling the Parish Office at 226-7577 ext. 13.

We believe that St. Mark School can make a difference in your child's life and in our world.

Admission Policy

Admission and Readmission
St. Mark School is a Catholic elementary school intended to provide quality Catholic education to children of families who are registered and active members of St. Mark Parish.  Non-active members and non-parishioners will be considered for admission if space and financial consideration permit.