Classroom Information 2017-2018

Mrs. Patton and Mrs. Maroon – Kindergarten

Mrs. Morchak and Mrs. Blackburn - First Grade

Mrs. McGinty - Second Grade

Mrs. Horvath - Second Grade

Mrs. Litten and Mrs. Kelley - Third Grade

Mrs. Barry and Mrs. DeCore - Fourth Grade

Mrs. Gallagher - 5th Grade Reading, English, and Social Studies

Ms. Krisko - 5th Grade Religion, Math and Science

Mrs. Riordan - 6th Grade Language Arts and 7th Grade English

Ms. Hardin – 6th Grade Science
            7th Grade Science
            8th Grade Science

Mrs. Fields - 7th Grade Reading & 8th Grade Reading and English

Ms. Hord – 6th Grade Math, 6th Grade Religion, 7th Grade Religion, and Mandarin Chinese

Ms. Welty - 6th Grade Social Studies
7th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Social Studies

Ms. McLaughlin - 8th Grade Religion/ 7th & 8th Grade Math

Mr. Adams - Physical Education

Mr. Becker-Howell – Music

Mrs. Schmidt - Art

Ms. Kaiser – Computer